Posted by: Jeff Rose | January 27, 2009

It’s Elmo Time! Again and Again and…..


When I was younger and the Tickle Me Elmo was released, I didn’t get it.  Growing up in the Sesame Street generation with Big Bird, Ernie and Burt, Oscar and Snuffaluffagus, I wasn’t exposed Elmo as a kid and by my older years, wasn’t really that fond of him (Sorry to all the Elmo lover’s out there).

I guess this is Karma in the making because guess what is the only that my son loves that will keep him occupied and content…..Elmo. Doesn’t it figure?  The other Sunday afternoon (thank goodness football is done) all “P” would do is point at the DVD Player and do is usual suggestive grunt.  What does that mean?  Put in Elmo or else.  What is a parent to do?  Make the kid happy by pressing play? Or have him give you a taste of his new favorite past time: Tantrum Time.  It’s only Elmo right?  Could be worse?   How about Elmo three times back to back to back.

Seriously, I can almost sing it now.  I hear Elmo talking to his pet fish Dorothy and asking Mr. Noodle to go play.  Wow!  I got to go put my ipod in before it’s too late.  It’s Elmo Time!



  1. P is adorable! Karma is a funny thing.

    Oh and because I want to win your wife’s giveaway… your blog is pretty cool but Mandy’s blog is better.

  2. Your wife is having a contest, and wanted us to tell you that you have a good blog! and e*lmo would drive me crazy too if it was on repeat

  3. LOVE both of your blogs, especially your financial blog…excellent info.

    But I must say…your blog is cool but your wife’s is better! 😀

  4. found you through your wonderfully beautiful wifey…
    My daughter is currently obsessed with Elmo, too. And I have to admit that she has watched some of the videos back to back…… back….to back???!!!?!?!?!

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