Posted by: Jeff Rose | January 13, 2009

Pay Yourself First

I got a surprise e-mail when it said I have a follower on YouTube.  You can have followers on YouTube?  I get Twitter, feed subscribers and Facebook, but this was new to me.  Turns out it’s PT from  I was initially flattered then impressed when I checked out some of his YouTube videos.  Apparently, he had entered in a contest through FNBO called the Pay Yourself First challenge.  For his submission, PT did a well run and delivered rap highlighting FNBO.  It’s only 56 seconds, you have to check it out.  You should also check out his blog as well.



  1. I’m just now seeing this, Jeff. Thanks for the mention. The contest is almost over and although I was able to save my goal, which FNBO will match $5000 of, I’m likely not going to be the overall winner. Thanks for promoting it and for voting for me. $5k isn’t bad though, right?

    Nice mention on Fallon. Wish I’d caught that live. Would have flipped.

    Keep up the good work, Jeff.

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