Posted by: Jeff Rose | January 8, 2009

When Bath Time Was Not So Fun


I remember the first time we had to give Little ‘P” his first bath.  It’s was actually at the hospital during the out process orientation.  We were volunteered in the group to demonstrate how to clean a new born as the other rookie parents watched.  No pressure, right?  Keep in mind that I’m an only child and never really been around babies that much.  I was scared to hold him, yet alone give him a good cleaning.  Can’t you just spray him with a hose or something….okay, just kidding.

Bath At Home

As you’ll see in the pic above, the little guy was not too keen on getting wet.  Once his body hit the water, it was a constant shreek until he was wrapped up again.  It’s so funny when you think of that now, because of his most favorite times of the day is bath time.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s some proof…

img_2599His smile is usually three times this big, but this was the best pic I could find (and awfully cute, I might add).  He can literally sit in the tub forever and will usually get upset if you take him out too early.  Complete 180 from when he is younger.  It’s fun to watch him splash him around and even try to swim.  Who knows, I might have the next Michael Phelps on my hands.  What do you think?


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