Posted by: Jeff Rose | December 7, 2008

P knows how to read…..sort of

img_3231Little “P’ has just turned 16 months and already he loves to read books.  Well, not necessarily.  He likes to bring books to daddy and sit on daddy’s lap while daddy reads and he points at the pictures as says, ‘Umhh”.  Nonetheless, it’s  special time between us both.  My personal favorite is “Five Little Monkees”.  I’m not sure if P has a favorite either, because any book with big pictures suits him just fine.

It’s hard to imagine the day when he’s sitting on my lap and reading to me.  But let’s not get aheld of ourselves.  Because I’m enjoying this just fine.



  1. Five little monkeys, hmmm. I’m glad that one’s your favorite, Parker’s awesome aunt ChyAnn bought that one for his birthday. I hear she has excellent taste!!

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