Posted by: Jeff Rose | December 3, 2008

Entourage Is Over…..For Now

There’s nothing like getting all amped up for the series finale of your favorite show.  But then it’s straight into a bout of depression when it’s over.  I don’t have many shows that I have to see each week, but one that makes the list is HBO’s Entourage.  The premise of the show is amazing for any typical male.  Best friend makes it big it Hollywood and all the other friends ride the coat tails the whole way.  Who cares if you are Vinny Chase just as long as you are part of his entourage.

Vinny had been on a bad streak with his movie roles, but in the series finale, he lands the lead part in a Scorsese flick.  Now I have to wait until summer until we see where it picks up.  Summer?  Do you realize how long that is?  I’m officially depressed.  There are no other shows that move me as much as Entourage.  Wait?  Isn’t Lost due back in January?  Yes!  I’m back baby.  Can’t wait till Lost.


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