Posted by: Jeff Rose | November 13, 2008

When Great Things Come Together

When you reflect back in time, one thing that can always be found is that great things always come in pairs.  One you can combine two individual things that yield a greater end result, it’s synergy in action.  My own personal life leaves a lasting trail of witnessing great things coming together. 

Growing up and even today, I love the combo of peanut butter and jelly.  The creamy thickness of peanut butter combined with the slick sweetness of jelly is a long lasting treat that I’ll never get tired of. Spread across two pieces of lightly toasted bread makes my stomach whimper just blogging about it (Shortly after posting this I fixed my favorite treat).

And then of course you have the union of two opposite people that can combine together to form  “the match made in heaven.”  My wife and I are opposites in more ways than one (that will be a post for another day), but together are differences meshed together create an outcome that is unmeasurable.  I couldn’t have found a soul mate to compliment me more.


To not be out done, I stumled upon two opposites that there union has changed my life forever more.  (Disclaimer: this union does not outdo the union of my wife and I, but it’s a not too distant second).  These two items coming together has changed the way that I approach each day.  It has made me wiser, wittier, and ready to engage in conversation with a friend or even a complete stranger on a whim’s notice.  What you ask would be so great and so powerful to do such a thing?  Well, none other than the union between the Blackberry and ESPN.  Wow!  Just typing that makes my fingers tingle.  By now having the ESPN shortcut on my Blackberry, sports scores, roster updates, trade rumors are only a thumbs click away.  I don’t know if there is anyway of ranking great duos of all time, but these two make my top ten list.



  1. Very cute honey! But you are lucky that you added that disclaimer!

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