Posted by: Jeff Rose | November 6, 2008

Month 1

By this point in time, we had become nearly pros of parenting.  We may bimg_1847e smiling in these pics, but that’s because we were walking zombies with no sleep.  Everybody elder parent will always give you the advice of “Sleep when he sleeps”.  While that’s good in theory, it never holds true.  When he sleeps you have the only chance to get done what you need to get done.  I try to imagine blogging in the first month and don’t know how we could have done it.  I imagine a lot of posts with many typos and much less flare.

In regards to pic above with my beautiful wife, it was one of the first pics we got of him where he was kind of looking at the camera.  But he has the little “foo-foo” hand thing going on.  From the dad’s perspecitve, I’ll let it slide since he’s only a month old at the time.  Look how tiny the little stinker is!


And then you have the 3 of us, hanging together.  Our boxer Klaya is fabulous with him.  We were initially worried because she is a pretty hyper dog.  But around him she’s very cautious and very protective of him.  As you can see all of us cuddling together.  Just another example of “family time”.


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