Posted by: Jeff Rose | November 2, 2008

Bear On The Loose

Bear On the loose

Bear On the loose

A brown bear was spotted roaming the streets of Carterville, Illinois.  Warning!  This bear is said to be dangerous.  Refrain from feeding the bear anything sweet, especially candy.  Sugar makes the bear even more hyper and may throw a tantrum to get more.

Authorities say if you come do encounter the bear follow these tips to prevent a bear attack:

1.  Do not make eye contact.  Bear may take this as a sign of having a supply of candy and you are willing to give.  Look down and begin slowly backing away from the bear.

2.  If bear charges, lay down and play dead.  Bear should get bored and move on to something more exciting.

3.  Do not let bear see you eat any candy.  Bear will surely want more and will come at you until he gets want he wants.

4. One way to distract bear is to play music.  Bear will begin dancing and should give you time to slip away.  Surprisingly enough, the bear has decent rhythm.


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