Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 30, 2008

10 Things That You Know Your Kid Is Growing Up

1. When you tell him “No”, he laughs

2. When it’s bath time, he tries to jump in the tub.  And he does not want to get out. If you take him out too soon, see #8.

3. When you tell him its bed time, he runs the other direction

4. When you put him in the car seat he immediately points to the DVD player (loves Baby Einstein).  Press play or else.

5. You can give him a chunk of a hot dog and not worry that he’ll choke.  He’ll just finish that hot dog and want another one.

6. You don’t have to have an eyes on every second when he’s roaming the house.  You just listen to hear what he’s in. When you hear water splashing, you know he’s in the dog bowl again.

7. You used to be thankful for 4 hours of sleep.  Now you’re cranky if you get only 6.

8.  During temper tantrums he really throw stuff like a miniature quarterback.  Beware of giving him anything small and hard because he will go head hunting.

9. He doesn’t just walk he runs.  And when you’re chasing him he has bursts of speed like Usain Bolt.

10. He recognizes the smell of McDonald’s food.  Yes, you better share your french fries.  Otherwise, see #8.


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