Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 23, 2008

Dear Dad

It’s been a while since we’ve talked.  I feel that so much has happened in a such a short amount of time.  It’s hard for me to remember the last discussion we had.  If it was the usual, I’m sure it had something to do with the Cardinals, Mandy being pregnant, or my career.  I know that you know most that has gone on, but I still feel that I should fill you in.

I left A.G. Edwards last December with 3 others and started our own company Alliance Investment Planning Group.  It was a stressful time, but reflecting back it has been the best decision ever.  Remember all those shirt and ties I use to wear?  They are now replaced with less restricting polo shirts.  It’s great!  I think I’ll even wear polo’s in the winter, too.  My business has grown immensely in the short time of starting up.  Most of my clients followed, but even better is that I have taken on plenty of new clients along the way.  I couldn’t be happier.  Now the stock market has to just cooperate.

One great thing with my new firm is that they give me the ability to do more outside the box marketing, so I started my first blog.  It’s a financial planning blog and it has slowly become an obsession/hobby.  I think you would be impressed if you saw it.  I sometimes wish I could have some of your computer expertise to give me some tips.  All those times you would try to teach me how to do stuff on the computer and I would never listen.  I promise I would be listening now.

Little Parker has grown like a weed.  Fatherhood has been a fun challenge and I think I’m making the grade thus far.  I know that you have your hand in some of that.  Mandy wins the award of “Super Mom” and I don’t know how I could do it without her.  Mandy started a mommy blog, too; and constantly updates with different stories of Parker growing up.  To compete, I started a daddy blog and named it Financial Dad, which I thought was fitting.

I wish “P” (that’s his nickname) could have met you at least once.  I imagine him sitting on your lap trying to grab your beard with you making your weird noises at him.  I wish that you could have seen him smile at you just once.   These are the times that I miss you the most.  I’m curious to hear stories of how I was as a kid and if there are similarities of me and “P”.  Sometimes I wish you could see me hold him just once so that you could see me being a father.  I know that you would be proud.

Today would be your 69th B’day.  I will be sure to let “P” know.  I’ll try to get him to say happy birthday, but I’m sure he’ll just respond with his usual “bah”.  He may through a “da-da” in, but not likely a “pa-pa”. Not yet, at least.   Just so you know, when “P” finally gets old enough to ask you what you were like I already have the answer.  I’ll say, “My dad was a man that loved me more than anything.  He taught me to treat people the way that I wanted to be treated.  To always greet people with a smile and brighten their day and interject a little humor every chance you get.   He always wanted me to do be successful and to have a better life than he.  He supported me in triumphs and failures, and would brag about me any chance he got. Frankly, he was the best dad a kid could have.”  I hope that one day “P” will say the same things about me.

Your loving son,


Dad and I before going to Iraq

Dad and I before going to Iraq



  1. Seriously, are you trying to make me cry? This is so sweet babe! And I was literally crying when I read it! I wish Papa Keith could have met the P too! We will be sure to tell P all about PK when he’s old enough.

  2. I’m crying now too… literally! Mandy just told me I had to come visit the “daddy blog” immediately and so I did and now I sit at my computer… tears running down my face. You are such a terrific writer, J!! Thank you for sharing this touching story with all of us.

  3. I’m sure your dad knows how much u miss him and he watches over P everyday. As I, he was very proud of u too and I don’t think he would be a bit surprised how great a dad u r! I too only wish he could have met Parker but we will do our best to keep his memory alive and tell P all about Papa Keith as he grows. Great tribute and thanks for making me cry too!

  4. J, I am also crying, I shouldn’t have read this while I was at work. My father past away while I was pregnat with Nicholas, he was never able to meet him. What you said about your father was beautiful. Enjoy your family and everything you accomplish and everything P does your dad can see, he is just watching it from up above.

  5. OK you’ve got me crying now too J! Good thing Mandy warned us that we may cry! You’re dad is keeping a close eye on you guys, I’m sure of that!

  6. That is a wonderful tribute to your father. Can I just say that “P” looks just like you?? Just from the little bit I have been around you and Mandy, I can say you will both live up to your father as parents.. you are both wonderful parents. I think you realize how fortunate you both are…
    Happy Friday
    Amy (Emilie’s mom)

  7. Jeff and Mandy,

    As you well know it doesn’t take much to make me cry concerning your dad. Your tribute to this wonderful man did just that. It is true that your dad loved you more than life itself. I also wish all of the same things: that he could’ve saw you holding Parker, that Parker could’ve grabbed his beard, and that he could’ve seen his first steps. But I know that you will tell Parker all about his papa Keith who loved life and never walked outside without looking up to heaven and thanked God for another day. Please never forget how much I love you all.


  8. I read this awhile back, but I didn’t think I would be able to express myself then. Now I’m not doing much better! Jeff, I have no doubt that Keith is looking down and is so proud of the husband, father and the man, you have become. (I’m pretty proud myself to call you my brother)
    I know he is with Parker every moment of the day. Parker will always have his own guardian angel in PaPa Keith.
    Love Always,
    Chy Ann

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