Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 17, 2008

My Best Friend

Have you been introduced to my newest best friend?  We met officially for the first time last December.  It doesn’t seem that long ago, yet I can’t remember life before we met.  Let me share some of the great qualities of my best friend.

It only talks when talken to.

It obeys my every wish,  I can even press a certain button and is says, “Say a command.”  See, it wants to please me.

It politely alerts me when I get a new e-mail or text message.

It always knows the score of any game at any time I want.

It helps me during trivia events, answering the most random questions that nobody knows or should know.

It always remembers to wake me up every morning at what ever time I tell it.  It will even let me snooze if I wish.

Did I mention the “always knowing the score” thing already?

It always reminds me of important things like “Poker Night” and the season premiers of “Entourage” and “Lost”

Keeps me entertained while sitting in lobbies or waiting rooms.

Wait a second……  The Red Sox won tonight?  Are you kidding me? …..Oh sorry, my friend was just updating on the score again.  What a good friend.  We’re basically attached at the hip, literally.

Jeff Rose and his Blackberry


  1. I’ve had a work provided Blackberry for the past two years, and you’re right, they’re great.

    They’re especially useful when your wife just needs to run into the store “for a couple minutes” while you’re stuck waiting with the kid in the car.

    Yeah right… a couple minutes… uh huh…

    Time to browse the internet from my Blackberry to read the latest news on the Minnesota Vikings. Since I’ll have plenty of time to surf.

  2. I’m so glad I encouraged the friendship!

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