Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 16, 2008

Day -150 Something

It's a Boy!

It's A Boy!

It’s funny when I reflect on Day One of when Little P first came into this earth.  What an eventful and unforgettable day.  But let’s go back a little further.  What about the day when you find out what name you get to use?  Parker Wilson was definitely our boys name (That was my idea for those that didn’t know-probably one of the only times my wife actually agreed with me).  The girls name was still up in the air.  Ava seems to come to mind, but I really don’t remember.

Anyway, I was certain we were having a girl.  I had one of those prophetic dreams of having a girl that once I woke up I told my wife.  I just knew it.  If you have one of those same hunches with the sex of your child, let my experience convince you otherwise.

Even when we went in for the ultrasound, I was still convinced.  Of course, I had no idea looking at the computer screen in the doctor’s  so I had wait till they told me we were having a boy.  Woo-hoo!  I might have been convinced we were having a girl, but I deeply wanted the first child to be a boy.  Daddy got his wish.  Pictured above you the 4-D snapsot of Little P and him busting out a smile.  Not a lot has changed.  I got my boy and next goal is to get him a sister.  Ready honey?


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