Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 14, 2008

Make A Grown Man Cry

Being a man in my 30’s, there isn’t much that will make me cry.  A few things that come to mind are:

An onion

My wife making another remark about my disappearing hairline

My son saying, “Dad, you’re the greatest.” (Granted he can’t really talk yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll shed a tear when that day comes.

Vince Vaughn as “Trent” in the movie Swingers as he’s dancing on the table top of the diner. (Classic!)

My dog jumping in bed and accidentally stepping on the family jewels.  (I’m supposed to believe that she doesn’t know because she’s a dog? It’s probably payback for not playing frisbee with her that day)

Jessica Simpson trying to sing country (Just don’t……please) Go back to reality TV or Dukes of Hazzard or something. Have you heard it?  …..ugghh!  Sorry, not a fan.

Lastly, as a financial advisor, watching the Dow Jones soar 936 points for an 11% gain in one day!  I think I just shed another tear.  Wow!  Thank goodness.  After the worst week in Wall Street history, I and my clients, needed to see some green again.  Boy, were we green ever.  It’s the largest percentage one day rally since 1933 and the highest point day ever shattering the previous 499 point day in 2000.  I know it’s not over yet, but let’s all let out a joyful cry together.



  1. this is cool

  2. i may not b a dad but i have one hes awsome hes gettin me a phone cuz hes got goood finance

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