Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 13, 2008

Day 4

You may ask what happened to Day 2 and 3?  Honesty, I don’t remember.  What I do remember is not alot of sleep, little “P” crying every time he was hungry (just ask mommy-I bet she has a better memory than me), and me wondering if I would ever know what 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep felt like again.  Good news to first time parents is that you will!  At least we have, just 9 months later.  You do have some hope!

I know advice that was passed down to us was “sleep when the baby sleeps”.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Due to breastfeeding, my wife was constantly exhausted.  And the interrupted sleep each night left me groggy and searching for Z’s as well.  As you can see, the wife snapped a pic of the little one and our boxer Klaya taking a well deserved nap.  My wife was the true trooper.  Reflecting back, I don’t know how she did it.  Lord knows, I couldn’t.  She was strong and a super mommy from the beginning.  (Hence, me sleeping while she’s taking the pic).  Cheers to all the first time mommies out there and how you adapt so well!



  1. Hey Jeff! I think your new blog here is pretty great!! I’ll write a post on it very soon! Great work as always. The one about Dancing with the Stars made me crack up!!! 🙂 Auntie N

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