Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 11, 2008

The Best Part Of Waking Up…….

For me, the best part of waking up is not Folger’s in my cup (are you singing the jingle now?).  Each morning when Little “P” starts waking up, we both can here his little “coo” noises coming from his room.  We have one of those video monitors (must have for any new parent), and are able to watch him toss and turn until he’s ready to stand up.

Now it varies from morning to morning how his mood is going to be.  For the first 9 months or so, it was wake up and cry until you fed him.  Wow; reflecting back, I don’t miss those days.  Now when he wakes up, he will still cry sometimes until we go and get him.  But once he’s in your arms, he’s super happy and so are we.

The best mornings is when you walk in his room and your greeted with the smile from below. I love when I walk in the room and he starts jumping up and down while holding on the side rail of his crib. What not a better way to start your day.  Actually, my wife might not know this, but I will usually try and beat her in there just so I can steal this moment.  (Woops.  Busted!)  Can you blame me though?  Look at the little guy!

Good Morning Mommy and Daddy!

Good Morning Mommy and Daddy!

Parker In the morning

Parker In the morning


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