Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 10, 2008

It’s Official, My Son Loves Dancing With The Stars

When my son was around 4 months old, he would take notice when Dancing With The Stars would come on.  Maybe it’s the music or the bright lights.  Maybe it’s Edyta (Disclaimer: Dad’s, when mentioning Edyta around your wife, make sure to assure them that she is not as hot as them and her accent makes her ugly… me).  Last season, each time she came on to perform, he would just stare.  Literally just stare at the TV until her routine was done.  From a dad’s perspective,  I think that was my first attaboy moment.

Now that he has aged (14 months now) I was curious to see if he would have the same reaction.  Unfortunately, with Edyta being eliminated early in the show, I wasn’t sure how it would pan it.

Well, last night as the guest performing Rockette’s were kicking away, my son just stopped right in front of the TV.  He then started doing his little leg and head bobbing thing and was dancing along.  I can’t tell you how precious that is to see.  I know I’m a guy and I’m using the word precious.  Sorry, but I can’t help it.

The best thing is that my son has got rhythm.  Ladies beware! Maybe he’ll be performing on DWTS one day.  Preferably as the guest NFL quarterback trying to win the prize.

Parker dancing

Parker dancing



  1. I love it! Good job Jeff…. I’m gonna make David start a blog too. Haha, he would tell me that it’s my job! I’m going to add oyu to my favorites 🙂

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