Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 5, 2008

Financial Dad First Post: Why I Blog

Many people wonder why I go through the effort that I do to constantly update my blog and write articles on a frequent basis. To understand my reasoning, it helps to understand my past.

Growing up, I had two wonderful parents, who loved me and raised me extremely well. But while raising me, they both battled financial struggles all their life and each filed for bankruptcy. Not learning from the first go around, my father even filed twice. When he just passed away, he actually passed away with a negative net worth, due to extensive credit card debt and taking a second mortgage on his home. I’ve seen firsthand how financial struggles can truly affect someone. Month to month it was the same story of struggling to make the next payment, taking cash advances on credit cards to pay bills, and contemplation on how they got that far behind. As I got older, I realized that this was not the path I wanted to walk down.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that a business major was my future and ironically enough, it was my father who convinced me to major in finance instead of accounting. Looking back, I could never have thanked him enough for guiding me in that direction. Majoring in finance I assumed would lead me to many different possibilities of a career. A summer internship with A.G. Edwards & Sons before my senior year in college is what ended up being the stepping stone into my career as a financial advisor.

As a financial advisor, I was able to meet many new people with all different types of backgrounds.  Most people that I worked with were two to three times my age (I did start at the age of 24), and I kept hearing a similar story from each of them. The two familiar themes that I would here in these people’s story were: 1) I wish I would have saved more 2) I wish I would have started earlier. In digging a little deeper, what I also found out is that the reason they didn’t save more or they didn’t start earlier, is because they didn’t know how to invest or what to invest into because their parents didn’t really have the education or the knowledge to explain it to them. By the time they found out, it was later on in life. Had they saved more and started earlier, they would have had a much more substantial nest egg waiting for them.

That’s when it all kind of hit me in just talking to all these different people about investing and how they just needed the knowledge to make an educated decision. How many of you would do something a little different now based on what you learned? Of course you would. That’s what prompted me to become a better financial advisor. To learn more about the financial markets and retirement planning and most important, to be able to pass on that knowledge so others could benefit.

And that’s the reason for the creation of my blogs, “Good Financial Cents” and “Financial Dad”. The blogs are to be a resource for individuals – for parents, for working families, for businesses – on basic investment and financial tips that they can use to help better their lives financially. That is the reason why I blog and that is the reason why I will continue to blog for a many years to come.


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