Posted by: Jeff Rose | October 5, 2008

100 Years and Counting

Well, I just watched it again.  It’s not really surprising.  I mean, it’s the Cubs for goodness sake.  The Cubs just got swept by the Dodgers to keep their 100 year streak without a championship intact.  But were you ever worried?  I mean, c’mon…..seriously? It’s the Cubs.  This is there destiny.  Look absolutely amazing during the regular season to completely choke in the playoffs.

The part I never understand is the Cubs fans.  Why are they so loyal? How can your root for a team for that long that is so bad?  I’ll never get it.  And how can you do that to your kids.  Raise them as Cubs fans so that they will never know how it feels to root for a winner.  There has to be some parenting intervention so that their kids don’t follow in their parents same mistakes.

Kids, it’s not too late.  Explore other options.  It’s okay to root for the White Sox, too.  At least hedge a little bit.  Milwaukee’s not too far.  I won’t tell anybody your secretly rooting for the Brewers.  Just don’t put all your money on the Cubs.  The 100 year curse may have been extended for another 100 more.


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